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Hi Craig I hate to air my soiled laundry but yes at current I'm married but single. I met what I thought was my love. A beautiful girl. However after a year I realized she was not who she said she was and neither was her mother. . She has had the audacity to sue me. Her attorneys think I shouldn't be allowed to spend my hard earned money as I please. Long story short I will file bankruptcy before she gets a dime out of. She is living free of charge in my apartment in SF forcing me to reside in hotels about half the month. I even paid off her student and auto loans this last year. We married in Hong Kong I feel if she wishes to sue me it should be in HK. The state of California has seen fit that I should allow her sole custody of my apartment until this is resolved. Since I have no choice but to pay the utilities by default she's getting that as well. I can't stand this girl and her gold digging mother {who has been married four times} any longer. Sorry for the rant. I'm disgusted. Now I'm a divorce.

Anyway to answer your question I bought the Zeiss kit as a start. I need something to use the camera.

Folks I'm sorry if somehow my collections are an affront to the state of the US economy and your current station. Actually I'm not sorry. Spend your money and I'll spend mine. If you don't have what you wish for remember you live in the greatest country in the world; it's not by any means my fault and it's comical that Americans would chide anyone on their spending. Im sure as you write your post you are climate controlled with two cars in the driveway. If you can't make it in America you won't make it anywhere. So get out there and earn more.

Also just so you know I am very active in charities in Asia and America. I gave away more money last year than the average American earns per wiki and I pay US taxes. I don't have to apologize for anything. Next time you are saving money on a made in China item at wal-mart; chances are you could thank me.
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