First A99 RAW samples

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Re: First A99 RAW samples

The raw samples are horribly under exposed, and with bad color balance.

I downloaded some raw samples 2000 ISO and 2500 ISO.

Converted them to 16bit tif in the' Sony image data convertor, with sharpening, dro, and nr off.

Adjusted the exposure and color balance.

The ISO2000 needs a +1EV compensation and should be judged more as ISO4000.

The ISO2500 needs a +1,5EV and should be judged more as ISO 6400.

Processed both tiff files through ACR with process 2013 for chroma and luminance noise reduction.

My first conclusions,.

The A99 seems one step better at high iso3200 than the a900, and a 1/2 step at iso6400 than the a900.

And is probably very close to the D600, D3X and canon 5DIII.

Better exposed pictures and direct conversion through lightroom, and final production firmware, could gives a better result.

With the 1/2 stop light loss of the translucent mirror it is not a bad result.

Some results and crops:

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