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D800 will do 5.9 FPS @ 25 MP which is higher resolution and the same frame rate as the 5DM3. Far superior DR as well. That is with the grip (which you can buy with the price difference between a D800 and 5DM3, or use one of the $50 alternatives and save $450), 5FPS without.

The frame rate argument is largely moot.

Just sayin ;).


FX 36 MP & 5:4 crop 30 MP = 4fps
1.2 crop 25MP = 5fps

Sure, but the '5 FPS' with the grip is actually 5.9 FPS in practice. 5FPS without grip, which is pretty useful.

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If I'm reading what you say correctly 1.2 crop with the grip & AA batteries measures at 5.9 fps even though the info screen on the camera shows 5fps ?

The info screen on the camera doesn't show '5FPS', it shows 'Ch' (Continuous High speed) drive mode. The specs say that with the grip and 1.2x 'Ch' is 5FPS. In practice it turns out to be 5.9, this has been observed and measured by several people.

Of course, none of the se frame rates is an absolute thing. They depend for instance on AF time, so can vary according to the lens fitted and so on. One cannot say universally that '5 FPS' quoted by one manufacturer is in all circumstances slower than '6FPS' by another. For instance, the D3 had a very powerful in body focus motor, and would focus some screwdrive lenses very fast, faster than almost every USM lens (in fact Nikon users often complain that AF-S lenses are slower than the screwdrive ones, AF-S lenses are generally about the same speed as USM lenses). The outcome was that the D3's 9FPS often turned in a higher actual frame rate than the 1DIV's 10FPS.

My info screen.

Just shows I've never looked closely at the info screen!

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