Thoughts on D7000 focus for sports/racing?

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Re: Thoughts on D7000 focus for sports/racing?

imac2001 wrote:

I owned the d7000 for a year and then the d700 and d300, both of which I use commercially to shoot weddings.

Mine was inaccurate. Your mileage may vary, but the d300 focus is quicker and more accurate- the image quality is nowhere near, though, due to noise. So I compromised image quality for accurate af.

Your gallery is very nice, but most shots are outdoors, not in dim churches...

Yes, my mileage has varied. As to my gallery:

  • if you notice, many of my shots are at higher ISO's, because of low light

  • I have THOUSANDS of shots from both cameras of family, parties, etc, indoors at night. I just don't post them here.

As to being "quicker", yes the D300 is VERY, VERY slightly quicker, but ALMOST imperceptibly so. Same with low light and initial focus acquisition - it is pretty much a wash. Same in reverse with the D7K and moving targets - mine is about the same as the D300, but I'd give the D7K a VERY slight edge.

Both are very good cameras. I can't comment on the D700, I haven't used one, though from what I've seen and read, it is slightly better all around than either the D7000 or D300.

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