24 Mpixel FF vs 16 Mpixels sans AA filter

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Re: 24 Mpixel FF vs 16 Mpixels sans AA filter

DaveJC wrote:

I have been reading up on Nikon's latest FF the D600 and I find it very intriguing. A tad larger than the K-5, less robustly built but probably equal or better AF which has been a Nikon strong point. My love is travel and nature photography. I do more street photography as a norm. The K-5 has been great as a street cam but I have never been enamored with the resolution when it came to wide panoramas. My GH2 with the quite good Pany 7-14 out resolves the K-5 with DA 15 by quite a bit when set to the same equivalent apertures. This makes packing for trips out West a jumble of different bodies and lenses to maximize my near and far captures. Not really familiar with Nikons lens lineup but it seems to me that a nice wide normal zoom and 24 MPs FF would do me quite well for that area of my photography. I know we will have to wait to see what the K-5 IIs can do but could it really out do a FF sensor like in the D600.

A couple of quick questions:

How much is the Nikon compared with the new Pentax? And doesn't resolution also have something to do with the glass you're using?

How does the GH2 get more resolution for landscapes than the K-5 with a smaller sensor?

How will the K-5 II and K-5 IIs split the camp for people getting this new camera body? What types of photographers are likely to chose the different bodies?

Are you generally excited or disappointed by the K-5 II / IIs? Do you see it as much of an improvement or step forward from the K-5 or just a minor update?

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