Sony user considering switching to Pentax

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Re: Sony user considering switching to Pentax

Alex Sarbu wrote:

BobORama wrote:

The the better question is.... what will you use it for? If video is going to be a big piece of the equation, the Sony wins, hands down. Pentax has no apparent interest in doing video well enough for the enthusiast or semi-pro.

Based on the recent K-5 II ( yawn ) announcement, I'd not bother to go from Sony to Pentax. Sony has a robust roadmap, Pentax seems to be wandering in the weeds.

Guess what...

When Pentax starts announcing products that make them look like a "going forward concern" then perhaps they have earned that. I'm not surprised, in that there is always a post acquisition period where the deck chairs are being re-arranged, but I would have expected by now some hints of a way forward would have emerged. It hints at this being an intellectual property acquisition rather than a brand acquisition.

Watch the news... their HD DA 560mm is definitely "going forward" with the K-mount. Hoya sacked this lens, Ricoh released it.

The HD D FA645 90mm macro means going forward with the 645D; and not even the Q is abandoned.

And let's not forget that Ricoh founded Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, yes, Pentax Ricoh - in this order; and gave it the control of their own camera division.
So, what were you saying about "an intellectual property acquisition"?


Haha owned

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