I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

Press Correspondent wrote:

Skip M wrote:

On price alone, it is, indeed, a market changer.

Strictly speaking, on price alone it is not. 5D2 is less expensive and would still be preferred by many. A lot of people don't care for the latest bells and whistles, but want a solid proven performer. The D600 sensor performance may not be better enough to be dramatic, the Nikon skin tones remain yellowish, plus the Nikon AF reputation has been turned by D800 into a wide spread fear.

In the US, it's less expensive than a 5D2, is new as opposed to the 5D2 probably being leftover production. (I don't have any evidence for this statement, just past history. In the '90s, Canon sold the EOS5/A2 as new long into the production run of its successor the EOS3, even though they'd ceased production of it.) The D600 equals the 5D3 on many levels, in fact most levels, yet sells for $1400 less. It's, on spec, a superior camera to the 5D2 in most ways, too.

On price alone, although used and outdated, but still FF and hugely popular, 5D is just a third of the price of D600. Plus surely 6D is coming soon as a follow up to 5D2. I see D600 as a result of the FF market price dropping slowly over time to the current levels. D600 is a result of the market, not a market driver.

D600 would be a market changer, if it could be sold for $3,000, but was offered for $2,000. However, it is offered already at the maximum of what it can be sold for and therefore it is no market changer at all.

Given that the 5D3 is sold for $3000, in fact more than that, and the A99 for $2800, the D600 could certainly approach that price.


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