Convincing myself I don't need to replace the EX1

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Re: Convincing myself I don't need to replace the EX1

brianj wrote:

I'm just fighting the urge to get a new toy but I'm scared I would be dissatisfied with it after the EX1, so I will do nothing unless I am very convinced by a new model.

Given that cameras are just electronics these days, I try to stick with my upgrade policy for hard drives: buy a new one just as the old one is overflowing (or broken, obviously).

But it is hard - sensor development is rapid right now, both in terms of quality and in cost. I'm almost certain my upgrade from EX1 will be to an APS-C system eventually. Maybe a m43, if panny or oly can produce a truly pocketable body/lens combo.

And right about now, I can't help but to lust for the Nikon D600. Insane amounts of camera for the price, even if I thought I had sworn off DSLR:s

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