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Some more Reality Checks

If you compare camera systems more like automobile brands instead of sensor scores from a French company with overpriced PP software, or the camera compare search spider that regurgitates those sensor scores for the sake of ad revenue you'll see some benefits on staying Canon. If you don't really mind that the Sony sensor can do a 100% shadow pull far better which sometimes looks unnatural or reduces overall image contrast anyways or can be replicated by exposure bracketing except in instances of capturing action, you start to realize other benefits.

For one Canon has demonstrated the best turnaround, disclosure, and tracking of recent defects in their latest cameras. This list includes Rebel's t4i itchy grippys, 5DMKIII light leak, 40mm f2.8 STM AF disfunction when force is applied (user error actually), and Canon 7D firmware 2.0 (a complete freebie terrific update btw) issues and quick 2.0.3 fix. You won't hear about it from Nikon disclosures, but their D4 and D800's have ports, buttons, or other pieces that fall off their bodies, green tint LCDs, inferior Auto-WB performance in tough lighting, and inferior AF compared to the latest Canon bodies/lenses.

Canon has stated previously that they were aggressively pursuing robotic and automated manufacturing and that means the brain-dead assumption would be also some better automated QC/QA as well as revamped issue tracking...we are starting to see these results right now.

It is a terrible export economy for Japan due to the strength of their can see this with the pricing of the D600 in the UK. You can see it with shoddy QC/QA and price cut designs (1/4000 shutter is because making 1/8000 focal plane shutters is quite simply more difficult and expensive compared to doing ISO 50 in software). You can see the effect this recent export economies have had if you take a look at the Honda Civic in the last 2 years...a car that always dominated that division to one that doesn't get mention.

Canon has demonstrated CDAF like PDAF performance in their latest bodies and lenses and Nikon hasn' can downplay it and say it affects only a minority of bodies and lenses...but you can also see it as a starting trend/revolution that is yet to be seen in any other camera brand including Nikon. I only have the 40mm f2.8 lense now...not sure if I'll ever purchase a 24-70 II in the future, and only have the 5DMKII now...but its nice to know that future releases in Canon may have some extra AF magic.

So the 5DMKIII, 1DX, 40mm f2.8, 24/28 f2.8 IS, 70-300L, 300 f2.8 IS II, and probably the 24-70 II all recent FF cameras and lenses have some extra AF magic in being able to produce CDAF like performance in PDAF with their center AF point. Also just compare the resolution...the D800 has incredible resolution by sheer brute force of its 36MP sensor...Canon however achieves some pretty remarkable resolution results themselves through impressive optics (the 24-70II or ridiculously cheap 40mm f2.8 for example)...think about how those resolution figures will scale if you put a 36MP camera behind it...or even better who cares about that extra resolution from the sensor if you get that sharp goodness through your optics instead of your sensor...thats even better IMO.

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