Sony user considering switching to Pentax

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Re: Sony user considering switching to Pentax

BobORama wrote:

The the better question is.... what will you use it for? If video is going to be a big piece of the equation, the Sony wins, hands down. Pentax has no apparent interest in doing video well enough for the enthusiast or semi-pro.

Based on the recent K-5 II ( yawn ) announcement, I'd not bother to go from Sony to Pentax. Sony has a robust roadmap, Pentax seems to be wandering in the weeds. When Pentax starts announcing products that make them look like a "going forward concern" then perhaps they have earned that. I'm not surprised, in that there is always a post acquisition period where the deck chairs are being re-arranged, but I would have expected by now some hints of a way forward would have emerged. It hints at this being an intellectual property acquisition rather than a brand acquisition.

If you are that interested in video, why would you not just get a GH2? My plan eventually is to do just that. I will have two systems, one for photos (pentax likely), and the GH line for video. The GH2 is so far ahead of any sony model for video resolution it's not even funny, with or without the hack (GH3 will be even further). REAL full manual video and audio, great lenses including the Voigtlander F.95. The only thing sony has over anybody in video is PDAF, which is hardly useful when you do any controlled production.

Sure sony offers good video and good photos, but far from the best of either. Sony cameras are great for soccer moms who would love PDAF on an LCD screen. It's obviously not for everybody as you can see from these forums.

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