How many watts for which type of light modifier?

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Re: How many watts for which type of light modifier?

Watts are funny things, when you buy a strobe it comes with all sorts of power, and people tend to think that all that power is needed. 99% of the time it's really not. When I shoot pretty far open, I can mount a softbox etc… and find I have to put my strobes on the lowest power I can get and sometimes even have to put a ND jell over the lamp anyway.

With softboxes in particular, you have to get the light quite close to the subject or your defeating the purpose, as the light becomes more specular as distance increases. Once your about 8-10 feet or so away from the subject, there is little difference between a soft box and an umbrella.

Strobe power is more useful when you find your self stopped down to f/11-f/16. Trying to find the balance of power and Aperture can be tricky, one thing for sure though, having 1200 watts in a softbox is pointless, its more like a 300W and turned down to less than 30 watts. Heck less than 10 watts is preferable.

You obviously need more that one strobe, so get a 1200W beast, Get a 600W and a 300W too. That will give you lots of capability. Remember there is only 2 stops between 300W and 1200W so with a 6 stop range they will all meet at 4 stops, which is handy too.

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