Canon Len Lineup: Only one EF non-L normal zoom

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Re: Canon Len Lineup: Only one EF non-L normal zoom

Canon is actually in a better position than Nikon wrt affordable EF zooms. Ignoring Nikon's stable of older film lenses, they really didn't have any zooms in the sub-$800 range. Consequently, I suspect, they released the inexpensive consumer/grade 24-85mm VR a few months ago, which is now one of the kit options for the d600. Almost all their other FX lenses are $1000+.

Canon, by contrast, has the 17-40L lens, which is actually competitively priced (I picked mine up used for under $700). Canon also has the excellent 70-200mm L f4 (non-IS) in the same price range. Therefore, Canon would just need to offer something similar to the Nikon kit lens and call it a day.

Grogly wrote:

The talk/rumor of an "inexpensive" FF camera from Canon got me to wondering if pending kits would pair it with only L zooms or another more inexpensive option. I reviewed the current line up of lenses to discover that there is only one EF non-L normal focal length range zoom currently being sold; the EF 28-135mm USM IS.

I used the 28-135 extensively in my film days and always was happy with the results. However, it seems that this lens is only bundled with crop cameras these days.

If Canon does come out with a more modest FF body, will they only pair it with the 24-105mm L or will they perhaps come out with a new lens to pair it with?

Also, is it lunacy to use current the 28-135mm with the current FF bodies; anybody do that and happy with the results? Based on my film usage with this lens, I would expect decent results on the current FF bodies but perhaps my expectations are not as high as others.

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