GH3 'Massive' Disappointment

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Re: GH3 'Massive' Disappointment

SHYIU wrote:

I have GH2 currently and share same view of massive disappointment. I need to wait for a G6.

From a commercial view point, it might end up with same path of AG-AF100 . If weight and size is not an issue, I will sure go up to APS-C or full frame format and why a true-pro will opt to use such a small sensor tool with inherient limitation in sensor dynamic range, high ISO noise etc.

To me, and I believe to most people, the sensors of even smaller sizes than mft gives IQ and DR that is simply amazing compared to two or three years ago. With smaller sensors we have the possibility to have smaller lenses for a given FOV and optical quality, but we also get more DOF and harder to get the bokeh you would like in some situation. APS-C sensors give easier to get shallow DOF, but since we now reached 16 Mpixel in MFT ( I can not see any use of more pixels when we reached 8-10 Mpixels) with extremely good IQ and DR, I do not understand why people still think larger sensor is better unless they really need 24 Mpixels.

I am expecting within 3 years from now that one of the big camera company will try to "kill" MFT-system by starting a mirrorless system with smaller sensor size and smaller lenses. FF-systems will most likely live for "ever" since "real pros" want the larger sizes. APS-C will also have a market but will decline eventually. MFT will soon be a somewhat more serious format than the smaller sized that I expect will come in a couple of years from now.

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