Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

PrebenR wrote:

jwang88 wrote:

Here is the link of some RX1 sample images:

What do you think the resolution compared to DP2 M?

From these images and from my images the RX1 is not so good as the DP2M. The DP2M has more micro contrast and details / clarity.

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AF takes away the Zen in photography

Unfortunately for the DP2/1's, as well as the SD1, this 15MP x whatever Foveon X3 sensor is quite a limited, one trick pony when it comes to it's overall imaging output.

Kept strictly within it's extremely limited ISO range of 100-400,(and also with static and well-lit subject matter) it can indeed (again, in very limited circumstances) display some impressive fine detail - which is mainly attributable to it's excellent per pixel sharpness and lack of an AA filter. However, outside of that one singular strong point, it's surprisingly average DR seems to barely approach 11 ev stops max (if that), and it's color bit depth appears to be far less than some of the newest Sony Exmor sensors - which are now approaching 26 bits of color depth.

And all of this recent (Sigma) camera body Napoleonic complexed bruhaha about the DP2M's overall IQ (which is supposed to include (outside of Sigmaland) all of the other important IQ parameters - outside of just absolute resolution) as being akin to, or even superior to: MF, as well as the top-of-the-line FF DSLR's (and now a compact. fixed lens RX1), and perhaps (for some of the more radically inclined, uber-fanatical Foveon-ist) even superior to the Hubble telescope itself, is really getting into highest levels of brand loyalist absurd-ism and sheer hyper- BS-ing imaging wannabe fantasylands.

As correctly exhibited here in this very thread, their are several, far better overall IQ imaging tools available, which can actually be more fully utilized in nearly every possible (technically difficult) environments, and dynamic conditions that at least 98% of today's photographers (and also Videographers ) have come to generally expect and rely on. Shoehorning a very excellent (if somewhat mis-handled) sensor inside of a extremely crude and technically hobbled black brick camera body does not make for a serious and ultimately successful, go-to imaging tool in 2012 and beyond...

Sigma is, and always will remain a niche digital camera brand unless they somehow miraculously attain the general photographic industries abilities to one day produce a modern, technologically capable imaging tool. Outside of their newly acuirred sensor and lens producing acumen, I really don't see that ever happening...

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