D600-D800 high ISO RAWs compared

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Re: Thanks! Re: D600-D800 high ISO RAWs compared

coudet wrote:

Mato34 wrote:

But... right now I think that the D600 it's up to the D800 regarding high ISO performance.

I did the same comparison yesterday (dcraw + ISO 25,600 files) and reached the same conclusion. Though, there's a difference in exposure and also since D600 isn't yet supported, color is off..

Many differences: lenses, Exposure, WB, lighting, angle, etc. The images all open properly iin VNX2 and CNX2 so all the details are there - profiles should not be an issue here. As a result of the differences the D800 image is a lot brighter in the shadows, which makes direct comparison a little tough. But I tend to agree, the comparison comes out well for the D600.

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