Sony user considering switching to Pentax

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Re: Sony user considering switching to Pentax

Video is not really big on my list, if it was then yeah I would probably stick with Sony.

Reason I'd like to switch is the lens lineup on the Sony side is quite poor, especially at the wide angle side. I already have the Sigma 10-20 which I've been using, but I'd prefer more a selection of prime lenses.

I've looked at the Sony 11-18 and doesn't seem to be too popular. Sigma 10-20 seemed like a better choice, but again Id prefer a prime over the zooms.

I have both the Lee 100mm Square holder and Polariser, are you saying these won't fit the DA15?

At first my head was saying go Nikon, but my heart thinks Pentax. The new D600 looks interesting, but in the UK the prices aren't all that good, the D800 is only £200 more, so not too compelling. I did like the look of the D300s, but looks quite old now.

For that reason really, I think sticking with APS-C is the best choice and the K5IIs looks the be the best camera in that class.

Sony seem to do quite a bit of amazing stuff, but I think there DSLR/T line always seems to come last. They've released more DSLT cameras than lenses in the last couple of years. A99 is way overpriced here and the lens lineup would be even less, I think like 8 lenses are compatible with the A99.

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