Reality check, anyone? I love the GH3

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Re: Reality check, anyone? I love the GH3

TrapperJohn wrote:

These forums can be a fascinating study in just how removed from reality people can become. Moaning about the GH3? I'm thrilled.

It's not the only M43 body made. Panasonic makes three other bodies: G5, GF5, GX1, in a wide range of sizes. Olympus makes EM5, is likely to trot out two new Pens with the hot sensor and IBIS. Just because Panasonic made the GH3 larger doesn't mean you have use it and only it.

In this case, larger is good. Since Panny is stuck on this OIS thing, the GH3's larger metal body adds much needed stabilization. Easier to hold steady. If you're serious about video, that should be a real boost.

It works with all of your glass. Add a GH3 to an existing setup, and you can have large and steady when you want it, tiny and portable when you want it. No other system, mirrorless or otherwise, offers that sort of range . Not just glass, bodies as well.

We're getting spoiled. Look at what the competition has:

The Sony crew is all excited about a NEX6 that adds a flash hot shoe and a kit zoom. The term 'easily amused' comes to mind.

Nikon One owners got one new lens.

Pentax adds a new Q body. At least they're not letting it die.

Canon owners get a rather mediocre body with lame AF, whose only noteworthy feature is a Canon name badge. The mountain hath groaned and given forth a mouse.

What do we get? Let's see: two very high grade lenses: 60M and 35-100. At least one new body: GH3, probably a new EP4 and EPM2 with the hot sensor and IBIS. Possibly an OMD-Pro that AF's the HG and SHG ZD glass quickly - that's a huge boost to M43 image quality. Are we blowing this market out, or what?

Stop whining and rejoice, we now have one more option. If Panny had put PDAF on sensor on the GH3 for fast ZD AF, I'd be first in line to get one - that larger body would be just the ticket for those fast zooms. As it is, I'm watching the GH3 closely.

+1000. Totally in agreement..

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