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Re: Canon 6D Specs leaked

I've read several different versions of what the alleged specifications of a EOS 6D might be. Regarding the set from CanonWatch/Digicame, here are my thoughts:

Assuming this spec sheet and pricing is almost entirely accurate, then it's effectively replacing the 5D Mk II. There's no other way to justify its existence, as it's essentially the same device in a 7D body with a demoted - albeit new - sensor and with wireless technologies that most people don't really care about.

Here's the major points in the spec sheet that I think are inaccurate:

New 20MP Sensor: Unlikely, especially if it's going into a budget FF camera. Fab'ing a brand new chip costs money, and you can't really 'cut down' an existing CMOS sensor chip or 'bin' parts based on performance like computing parts. The only way this makes sense is if they plan on releasing multiple devices using the same sensor in rapid succession to make back the R&D costs - notice how the same 18MP sensor has been recycled over the last 4+ years for their DSLR range, receiving little more than AF updates and new co-processors. Either that, or they think this camera will sell like gangbusters. [See: Canon T3 sales, as it's the one and only 12MP APS-C camera in Canon's line-up.] Otherwise, expect it to have a similar sensor to the 5D Mk 3.

11 point AF with 1 center cross type: I'm doubtful. I suspect that there's more cross type sensors on tap, whether you consider it marketing hype or not. They wouldn't want the AF system to look 'lesser' than the T4i or 'only on par' with a Nikon D3200 or the 5D Mk 2. It'll be no 5D Mk 3 or 1Dx, but it can't be a slouch in this department.

Built-in Wifi & GPS: Also doubtful, considering no respectable Canon camera has either, let alone one of their DSLRs. The battleground for built-in Wifi is the mirrorless category - see the recent Samsung NX and Sony NEX releases. I suspect that Wifi + GPS might be included in an external device.

If I were to make a spec sheet for a 6D:

22MP FF (same as 5D Mk 3, ISO range and all), Digic 5 Processor (not the 'plus'), 9 cross-type AF (maybe add another 10 non cross-type - it just has to be more accurate than the device it's replacing while leaving room for the 7D to progress), 7D-sized magnesium alloy & environmentally sealed body, 4-5fps, SD card, 3 inch screen, all the video niceties, same mode dial as the current 5D...

You get the point. A 6D has to effectively split the difference between the 7D and the 5D without impeding on their ability to grow as independent lines of product. The magic of the Nikon D600 is it lures would-be D7000 purchasers into buying a higher-end product, whilst D800/D4 customers now have a fallback camera of sorts. The 6D effectively has to do the same - someone who would go for a 7D because they can't find the cash for the 5D - assuming they know they don't need the 8 fps burst - would have a happy medium, and a 5D/1Dx owners have a good second body.

Mind you, while I think it's nice to speculate, it's also good to keep a level head. I'm obviously taking all 'leaks' with a few grains of salt on this one, seeing as how I've seen no less than five different specifications of a still-illusive product that has no firm release date - let alone any solid proof that it's little more than an enthusiast's pipe dream.

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