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Re: X100

rattymouse wrote:

Havent heard much talk about the X100's ergonomic kit. One forum above (FTF), the X10 ergonomic kit has gotten some press as well as flak as the price is excessive, $129 for the thumb grip and little soft release.

Today I stumbled into the X100's ergonomic kit. The price is even a more brazen cash grab at $229. Wow.... B & H does not list what is in this kit but one must assume that it is again a thumb grip and soft release. $229. More expensive than some of their cameras for two pieces of easily made metal.

Anyone want to admit to buying this OEM product?

A complete X100 set (camera, hood, ergo kit, converter, and case) will run you....

$1200 + $100 + $229 + $350 +$100 = $1979

I need one of these about as much as I need lipstick for my pig!

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