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Re: Sample images from A99

Karl Scharf wrote:

Still not impressed! Nothing that can't be done just as well with an A77 or even an A57.

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Does this mean we are getting close to the GEGU (Good Enough for General Use) IQ level? I don't see too many photos in that set that demand really sophisticated or specialized technology, so perhaps IQ has reached a level that satisfies the majority of users. Perhaps pixel count and sensor area combined with today's lens quality are at the point where marginal increases in any of these parameters produce only small and often insignificant improvements in IQ.

What were folks expecting in terms of IQ from the A99 compared to A77 or even A57?

Better color rendition, better high ISO performance with less noise, better user interface, faster response, lower weight, better battery performance, quicker and more accurate AF, etc, etc,... there is a long list of things that can be improved down the road. But many of these will not be noticeable as an improvement in IQ, other than the fact that maybe some of these features enabled the photo to be captured in the first place.

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