XP1, nobody miss a real exposure simulation?

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Re: XP1, nobody miss a real exposure simulation?

It's a simulation, directly from the sensor that will be doing the imaging, so it's closer than relying on the meter and/or chimping in tricky lighting situations when you're shooting in manual. My P&S has WYSIWYG exposure + live histogram, and it's trivial to nail exposure in manual that way.

The workaround on the XPro is AE plus EC, which will show the exposure real time, but then you're limited to + - 2 stops and can't insure consistency of exposure between shots.

Luke_S wrote:

It would be only a simulation which won't show you the exact exposure you will get on the image. I wouldn't recommend relying on it.

And there is another thing... Imagine you're shooting in a dim room with a bright window and want to underexpose image to preserve highligts in the window and leave shadow areas dark to pull up details in postprocessing. Wiith such exposure simulation turned on you wouldn't see anything in viewfinder while you have negative exposure compensation set on camera in already very poor lighting conditions.

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