RX-1 $599 OVF, $249 thumb rest!?!?!?!

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Re: Power to the People!! Make em lower prices!

Rubbish !!!

Folks on these forum are a docile Fools or something. We can't even get together and do a group buy even though we buy the identical items. Car Guys would get together and show their buying power a long time ago.

After six months of clear evidence there are Guys on the Nikon forum that are still in denial about the left auto focus issue. Brand new cameras are bought and immediately sent in for repair.
Your words are falling on deaf ears around these parts.

ImagesInstyle wrote:

There aught to be some kind of "consumer party" that bands together, and petitions these
companies to lower prices, or ad incentives.

We as a party, should have the strength to show these companies, that we mean business.

Imagine, if we could show Solidarity, by all purchasing a particular camera on the same

And when there are ridiculous rip off going on, we come together and boycott, and not
buy the product, unless a reasonable price is made.

I am no leader by any means, but something has to be done.
At the end of the, day we the "consumer" possess all the power!

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