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Re: Thanks all

Same experience for me - I learned using Photoshop/ACR/Bridge and I just can't get used to Lightroom.

I purchased the creative cloud which includes all of the above and aside from the database catalog in LR I find myself constantly going back to Bridge, ACR and finishing in PS.

Had I learned on LR I suspect I'd have been happy with it.

John King wrote:

Gidday Robert

As a LR user, you will either love the freedom that PS6, Bridge and ACR give you; or you will be so bamboozled by how different it all is that you will flee back to LR.

I have tried LR, and prefer PSE (which I own) ...

I much prefer CS5 to either of them and use it for all my image mangement and PP. I plan to buy CS6 in the very near future.

It makes more sense to me to keep various processes discrete, and Photoshop does that, and LR does not.

You might like to have a look at my comments in the reading for novice photographers thread here:

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