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Re: K-5 IIs and a few limited primes are the DSLR equivalent of Leica

Ark84 wrote:

Are all the DA limited lenses 49mm filter thread? Would be great if there are, saves buying multiple adapter rings for my Lee Filter Holder.

You'll need a 49mm round filter to use the system on the DA 15mm. The built in hood protrudes a couple of millimeters even collapsed. I use an old Minolta UV filter that I removed the glass from for this. To use a polorizer in a square filter holder will require the 100mm system with the DA 15mm. I didn't want to carry a large filer set with the primes, so I use a 49mm screw in Kenko Z polorizer instead. I also have the 49mm B+W ND100 as I could not find a 10 stop smaller square filter and the cost savings over cutting down a larger filter. Both filters work with the Cokin A (67mm so smaller than the 75mm Lee system, if that's what you have) setup I have on the DA 15mm.

I'm just using the square filter set for GND filters, although I do have the Cokin polorizer to use on the other primes if wanted. The only issue with using the Cokin A system is that the only filters made for it are from Cokin. For all the bad things said about Cokin filters, I haven't really seen an issue. The good thing about using Cokin A is that I have found what I have for under $10 a piece, mostly under $5. Camera stores will usually have some new old stock, or ebay, at very cheap prices. Nobody wants to use them anymore, but I'm quite happy with mine.

I have the Pentax DA 15mm f4, Sigma AF 24mm f2.8 with 52-49mm step down ring mounted, Pentax F 28mm f2.8, Pentax FA 35mm f2, Pentax DA 35mm f2.4, Pentax FA 50mm f1.4, Pentax FA 100mm f3.5 1:2 macro, and Pentax F 100mm f2.8 macro, that I use the filters on. I normally carry about five primes with the 15mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and lighter 100mm f3.5 being the most carried.

Thank you

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