will there ever be NEX 7 firmware update? :(

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re: could not agree more - such obnoxiousness...

You mean like that little troll Knallberto? One of the few users I've ever felt the need to block...

jpr2 wrote:
...from them kills any chance to have a sensible discussion :(,


jack scholl wrote:

What puzzles me about this and other aggressive posts relating to firmware updates is how do you folks who are so negative to such posts know how many pictures the OP has taken while asking for improvements to their tools? The attitudes exudes "I am superior and you are inferior".

How do you know that he hasn't taken more quality pictures in the last day, week, month, year or lifetime than you have? And for all we know, his pics may be SUPERIOR to yours.

The arrogance is stifling . . . . if you like the 7 as is, that is fine. But others wanting some refinements are allowed to offer their opinions without being subjected to such rants.

There is nothing wrong for asking for simple software improvements to a $1200 body . . .

Just my opinion.


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