Was waiting for D600, will probably keep waiting for NEX-FF.

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Re: Waiting for NEX-FF?

Anyone in NYC has a V9000 and want to try out some M glasses?

I wholeheartedly hope you are right. But I am holding my breath. My CV12 has serious magenta cast and smearing on my M9, and a nightmare on NEX-7. Even the latest "cheap" Leica 35/2 Summicron ASPH has serious problem on NEX-7. Forget the ZM 25/2.8 Biogon. The problem is mostly due to the poor light incidence angle on sensor. Offset Microlens helps. Firmware correction helps. Those are HELPS.

Getting back my Elmarit 24/2.8 after spending 2 months at Solms for 6-bit coding. Yes, I still occasionally play with my M9. But no way I will buy a M10 for $8,999.95 (less than 9K!) with the RX1 sensor, nor a ME for $3,999.95 (less than 4K!) with the NEX-7 sensor. It's not affordability per se, but sensibility.

Happy weekend NEX shooting.

blue_skies wrote:

The V9000 uses the same sensor as the RX1. This sensor has larger pixel sites than the 5N has.

The RX1, imho, shows that it works. whether this is due to software, micro lens offset, or pixel site sensitivity is unclear.

My intuition says that it is the pixel site size. if correct, I do not foresee magenta issues on an FF Nex. You can try on a V9000, it has the FF sensor and takes still pictures too.

Hold on to your M lenses.

Steven-T wrote:

I am waiting for the FF NEX. After the magenta cast and smearing on the NEX-7 with some RF lenses, how the RX1 has a much longer flange-sensor distance, and how the 35/2 lens with a big rear element in the RX1 protrudes into the RX1 body, I would seriously concern RF lenses will have major issues on the up coming FF NEX.

As rumored, the FF NEX will have a FF sensor, and an adapter-3 for A-mount lens, 1.5x support for current e-mount lenses. But the performance of using RF lenses might be severely impacted. Yes, one can use the DSLR big heads. But that beats the (my?) purpose of smallness - lightness aka to use my Leica Ms.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. Maybe Sony can produce some FF-NEX lenses later, optimized for its FF NEX. . . . Until then, continue going out shooting with my NEX-7 and M lenses.

Jefenator wrote:

Anyone else in the same boat?

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