XE-1 or NEX 6: Which is more appealing thus far?

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Re: What about the EVF mag diff?...

Wow there seems to be a fair amount of confusion with regards to EVF magnification on this XE-1. I'm no expert on the topic. Can tell you that the viewfinder magnification on the NEX 7 and optional viewfinder for the NEX 5N were both fine and comfortable to use.

Can also say the same for the X-Pro1. So will have to wait and see on these new one.

On NEX glass, can say that the 50mm OSS lens made good images, the 24mm Zeiss is very good and the Sigma 30mm and 19mm are both really sharp as well. I also found the 18-200 OSS lens to be quite good and very versatile, especially for travel and candid shooting. It's not small but smaller than the 18-200 lenses for the competing DSLR bodies.

I do believe the Fuji glass will be better though. They have a long history of making excellent lenses dating back many years. They made the glass for the Hasselblad X-Pan years back, plenty of rangefinder lenses for their Medium Formatt rangefinders and they still makes lenses for cine application today. Those are super high quality optics.

I also think the Fuji sensor will better at high iso, not by much but yes better. So for me it will come down to speed of focus, quietness of operation (shutter sound), ease of viewing through the viewfinder and compactness. I already have a complete full frame DSLR set-up, so looking for a system to compliment it.

I'm not for video but my son is and he's gotten better and better to the point that his videos have actually won high school competitions and earned him $$$ Cash Prizes. More than I can say!! So part of me want to support him with a camera I can loan him so he could use a B-Camera. He shoots with a Hacked GH2. So that has me thinking possibly a GH3. But I have never been a fan of the stills I have seen from the GH2. Can't comment on the OM-D stills, but that camera handles amazingly well.

I am very eager to put all these cameras in my hands. My guess is one of them will feel more 'right' to me than the others. But like most here, I will be reading everything I can 'click on' about these cameras. Crazy, yes but fun!

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