No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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The conrfirmation.

jerome_munich wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

jerome_munich wrote:

We also had some comparison between the phasing out of film and the phasing out of the OVF. So it seems that these users have some emotional, irrational, investment in the idea that they have a "more modern" system and that their brand of choice leads future developments.

The thought that some people have the stance that EVF's will greatly grow in popularity simply because of rational thoughts rather than "emotional investment" apparently hasn't occured to you.

More thoughts have occurred to me than you seem to imagine, including the though that the most vocal pro-EVF members of this forum may simply be shills paid to convince future buyers.

Assumptions based on assumptions. A lot of thoughts indeed, little reason. Interesting that you threw the word emotion in to the mix, because since the thought has dawned upon you that Sony is phasing out its classic SLR's, you seem to be emotional rather than rational in your approach of the subject (understandable if you have a big investment) and the approach and descriptions of people with other preferences (rather immature).

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