What's with the challenges...

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Re: What's with the challenges...

Russell Denney wrote:


First off, I know I am going to sound like a arrogant ass for bringing this up so I'll apologize in advance...

What is the deal with the challenges? I recently participated in two challenges where I did well (3rd place). The first place winners were great photos, but the 2nd place winners were pretty lackluster (understatement) IMHO...I see a big disconnect between those shots and my placement behind them.

Are people "buying" votes? Why the disconnect?

Please note that I am not saying the 2nd place winners were terrible photos, but even when I try to remove my bias towards my own work I am not seeing it...

For your reference, the challenges I am referring to are:

Military Jet Fighters

Yours is technically ok, but pretty drab. I honestly don't know what were you going for in your processing of the shot. What was it? I ask because I want to learn.


Benz (as in Mercedes Benz)

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