Why so hard to find an affordable wide angle lens?

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Re: Photokina 2012: Samyang 10mm f/2.8 for APS-C

tonyjr wrote:

Yes , I read it . It says -

I have a T3i, and want to find a lens that has a wider angle than 18mm (like on the kit lens).

Lots of people seem to consider 18mm a wide lens, but I don't really consider it very wide at all. I have seen some lenses for $800+ that go to 10mm, but thats simply far out of my budget. As an affordable alternative, I've been trying to shop for some old pentax lenses, or other old slr lenses that I could use with an adaptor, but I just have not had much luck, the vast majority of old lenses I seem to find are around 28mm or above (most 50 or above).

Isnt there any way to get some sort of lens, (any lens, even from the 1980's, and even without the best quality as long as its acceptable) that will give a wider shot than the kit lens, for around $100 or less?
Nothing about stitching or action in it . maybe another post ?

yes in a follow up:

"Well, stitching images won't work. 80% of my shooting is very fast, right in the action photography, like extreme sports and other similar fast moving things. Getting close with wide angle is necessary to capture the dramatic nature and true depth, which simply gets lost when using a telephoto lens from afar.

Which is also part of the reason I don't want to spend too much. I could technically afford a full frame camera, or a $800 lens if I wanted. However I'm out in the action, and actually participating in the types of events I shoot, usually just a couple feet away from the action, or locking my camera case to a nearby structure, and getting in the action myself. The potential for equipment damage, loss, or theft is very high. $600 for a T3i is at the very upper level of what I consider cheap enough to risk"

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