E-PL1 manual flash sync speeds

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Nikon SB-30

I've bought Nikon SB-30 and I'm fairly content with the results. It enables me to overcome flash sync speed limit on E-PL1, the photographs in daylight are without noticeable shadow up to 1/400s in 16:9 mode, even 1/500s can look good if subject is not in the lower part of the image. I haven't found the situation where it isn't sufficient - almost anything relatively close can be lit with ISO 200 and F11. Since it has no communication with camera, it takes a bit of learning to make it work properly - primarily the fact that you have to adjust exposure to the background, but focus on the subject. But once you get used to that and the fact you have to lock the ISO ( because otherwise the camera can raise it sometimes ), it's relatively easy to use.

On the other hand, it's not that useful at night. Max setting of ISO 200 / F4 is a far cry from ISO 800 / F1.7 I usually use ( to be able to catch as much ambient light as possible ), so it creates pretty harsh lightning.

It would be very interesting if it could be used as an optical slave. I've tried to set it a slave, and it does fire, but it does not sync well with E-PL1's flash, so images turn out too dark. Has anyone been successful in making it work as a slave with E-PL1? Is there anything in the camera that should be adjusted?

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