Canon 6D Specs leaked

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wow, you guys are arguing over something stupid

the D600 WILL have better IQ than either the 5d2 or 5d3 if you need the maxium resolution and DR. The 5d3 sensor is not that different from the 5d2 sensor, but it "looks" better because the JPEG engine in the 5d3 is better.

The 5d3 will fall to around $3000 soon, but not much lower.

I'd still get a 5d3 over the D600 because the D600 will feel toyish, like the D7000. And the LCD on the 5d3 is better, and overall it is a better camera than the D600, except when it comes to DR. Just expose properly in the first place and you won't have to worry about it, or do HDR.

The video on the 5d3 will be better than the D600, and I need video. I've learned to like it more and more. I need the ability to change aperture during video, you can't do that with canon.

And this is coming from a Nikon user with D700. The latest offerings from Nikon's have not been that impressive. D800? meh... how many of you really need 36MP?

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