Bought D800 to replace my A850, hope I dont regret it.

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Re: Bought D800 to replace my A850, hope I dont regret it.

I have the A850. Not doing much with it since I got the D800. The A850 is unacceptably noisy in low light, focus well only using the center spot. Its dynamic range and colors are spectacular at iso 100 though. I like Sony colors more. The A850 is affordable too. Got it new for US$2,000. Getting good glass for it is another problem. Sony, being Sony, thinks its perfectly okay to discontinue their FF series without an immediate replacement, putting you off from buying more lenses to build a system around Sony FFs. Sony also think its frame buffer should be as slim as their cybershots p&s, even for its new SLT replacements. The A850 will lock well before the D800. Was at Phuket Vegetarian Festival last year, followed a whole religious procession, shot hundreds of frames and got far too many unacceptable pictures that were out of focus. Kinda surprised me of the whining at D800 AF performance. If only our wives, girlfriends, and cars were supermodels. Or maybe we should, since it priced extra $1000 more.

Maybe if you expect vast improvements, your expectations will not be met and again be disappointed.


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