manual focusing with J1 / J2 ...

Started Sep 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: excellent info!

for diy follow focus there are those metal hose rings that might do the job, come in various sizes and it shouldnt be too hard to stick a lever on.

i was out shooting handheld last night and this is where the tiny size isnt that great,... it needs stabilizing, even when using a wide 12mm,... 50mm was jerky, and my 85mm looked like i was having an epileptic fit. so i think a dslr cage/fig rig type of thing might be in order. loads of diy solutions online thankfully.

the one thing i realized was that, much like my photography, i seem to have a thing for low angle shots,.... so building a cage and getting an external monitor is going to be my next project.

other than that,... night time black and white @ 1600,... the noise looks really nice, like film grain almost.

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