Another New X-Pro 1 Owner- Day 1

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Re: Another New X-Pro 1 Owner- Day 1

camelot98 wrote:

Congrats on your purchase!

Been going back and forth about the Xpro1 and XE1 myself and still haven't made a decision!

How have you found auto focus using the OVF? That's one of the main reasons i'm undecided because if its hard to focus in auto, using the OVF, i might as well get the XE1 as it will have the better EVF...

Its a little tricky (or maybe just different), because Ive never used a rangefinder so the parallax error is new to me. But with the framing lines and option for it to auto adjust its not bad. SOmetimes the AF point is a little off so what Ill do is compose the first shot with the back lcd then use the OVF. Seems to raise my chances getting right focus when focus distance is already set around where I want it

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