Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

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Re: Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

ericN2 wrote:

Seems a sensible decision. From what I see of the Sony case it is a two-piece thing.. much like the type made for various other cameras too. Nice protective cases but the thing that always concerns me is that to USE the camera you really need to take off the front part (leaving it on and dangling is not a good way I feel.. apart from making it cumbersome..) What do you do with that part then ???

It's well made I'm sure but there ARE more practical solutions..AND cheaper..and still well protective.

I've had cases like these on every camera for which they were available, all the way back to an old Nikon F film SLR. Usability has never been a problem for me, and it's never been cumbersome, or otherwise intrusive, but rather a nice and tidy way to store and protect my cameras while also being able to quickly gain access to them (without worrying about where to place/replace a case) when an opportunity arose.

A lot of people like and use these types of cases.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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