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More rugged please... looks good to me

Currently I use a GH2 and an EM5. I do feel the former feels a bit cheesy and I much prefer the feel of the toggles and so forth on the latter. I also prefer the stills IQ of the Oly - not that the Pany is bad. HOWEVER I take thousands of photos and I fear that the EM5 is too fragile, whereas the GH2, despite feeling worse and not being as weather sealed, is more robust. So my desire right now is for high IQ in a rugged body.

As for the size, as others have noted the main difference, and it's substantial, is in the lenses. Still, any mFT camera is also smaller and more discrete and less obtrusive when photographing people than a DSLR. I don't expect the GH3 to be materially different in that regard.

Finally, despite all the nonsense about so-called dof-control and bokeh on this site, that's nonsense for snapshooters who can't figure out how to compose across the whole frame. More dof is generally better, for macro, nature, sports, documentary, and pj work... I probably missed other uses where it's better. And please don't tell me that smaller formats have the same dof in reality. Has anyone who says this really used a variety of formats?
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