Canon 6D on the way

Started Sep 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
altair8800 Senior Member • Posts: 1,740
Re: Who would buy it with those specs?

If I wanted a FF, I would buy 5D3 (or 1Dx), but it and the 6D have only 8 Mp when cropped to 7D size, so a big disadvantage for birds and wildlife.

Mark B. wrote:

IF (and that's a big if given it's posted on a rumor site to begin with) it comes out it would have to be priced significantly lower than the 5D3. The advantage over the 7D would be the FF sensor w/o the 5D3 price.

Flying Fish wrote:

Can't see that it does anything better than the 7D and a lot of stuff not as well, and it doesn't do anything as well as the 5D3.



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