ScottMac Where Are You?

Started Sep 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Get thee behind me, ScottMac...

moving_comfort wrote:

Chaz f64 wrote:

Did you buy a D800 and/or D800E? If yes, what has your experience been with it/them?

You realize that you're drawing a pentagram on the sidewalk and reciting a Latin conjuring spell right now...

If he pops up, he won't be pretty, and he won't be telling the truth.

(anyway I suspect he never left, and has taken the guise of a D800 concern troll.)

How can he be a D800 concern troll when its obviously impossible for such a camera to exist? Duh! Next thing you guys will start believing in 24MP FF cameras that only cost two grand!!! Sheesh

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