Why they hate USA?

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Re: Why they hate USA?

illy wrote:

Tino1 wrote:

There is no religion without its faults. There have probably been more people killed in the name of religion than anything else but that is no excuse for what is happening in the middle east.

what do you mean exactly by "but that is no excuse for what is happening in the middle east."
do you mean by everyone or just a certain faction?

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Hello Cleveland!

There is no excuse for the killing of anyone in the name of religion whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew or whatever. I am by no means religious but was made to go to church, Sunday school etc so I know a little bit about it. To force somebody to believe in your god is bad enough but to kill someone because they won't is absolutely wrong. Personally I'm thinking we may be just a big science experiment by a race of beings we don't know exists.

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