Advice on photos in Europe(London, Paris, & Rome).

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Re: Advice on photos in Europe(London, Paris, & Rome).

It seems counter productive to be bringing a larger backup body than your main camera, which will hopefully be nothing more than dead weight for your trip - how about instead complimenting your m43 with a superzoom compact or similar? Something like a Panasonic TZ series or Canon SX series gives you a huge zoom range and manual control in a nice compact and easy to carry body. Great as a second camera to m43 as a backup (and one you can actually carry with you), second body for a partner or for giving you a versatile zoom range without the hassle of carrying and changing heavy lenses. Certainly they won't be quite the same quality as a larger sensor m43, but as a travel camera and spare they are fantastic.

As for the m43 setup, the GF3, 14mm and 35mm makes for a great compact setup to which adding the 7-14mm will make quite a bit larger. Only you can really say for sure what works for you, but a lot of European cities are certainly quite compact and lend themselves to wide angles to get everything in shot. If the money and size is an issue though then the 14mm should do a capable job (and if you are looking at a compact backup camera, it is possible to get therm with 25mm equivalent lenses)

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