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thubleau7 wrote:

And you think that is logical?

And you think you are logical? But that is the house rules. You don't like it then seek another site where your "logic" is welcome. No one is forcing you into it.

I guess it depends whether you are one of those law abiding citizens that take every thing the government tell you as Gospel and not to be challenged.

because in the USA you are allowed to carry a gun by law does that make it right? so you run out and buy a gun because you are allowed to do this by the government.

yet where I live guns are illegal so I reason that this probably more sane than in the USA.

Typical. You've been busted and proven wrong now you side-track the issue and discuss things not related to the rebutal of your arguments. You asked why the score and the final Award do not match. That's it. You don't like the answer, tough luck.

If you have a brain use it, just don't file it away because something is written down by what you perceive to be a higher authority so you swallow the lot and sit there like a vegetable.

Now you go personal. Well, we could say the same thing to you, that you sit there like a vegetable and not read the rules on scoring and awarding, it is just how you will remain ignorant of the rules. We could say that, "if you have a brain, use" to move your fingers to click on the rules, and again, "use your brain," to read and digest the rules. You may have the superior brain, but maybe too lazy to read them.

And what "higher authority" are you talking about? Using your own logic, do I tell you how to run your own house, what food to cook, or what curtains to put up? I may not like your style or your logic, but once I enter your house (or your web site), then you better abide by them. If you don't like them, leave. Or better still, why don't you create your own site, and be lord of it and do your own reviews? Prove DPR that their rules are stupid. Good luck to you in attracting probably at least 50,000 visitors/day compared to the millions hits this site makes in a day.

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