Q10 body only? 01 Prime lens sale?

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tedinvancouver Forum Member • Posts: 89
Re: Q10 body only? 01 Prime lens sale?

Jack Simpson wrote:

Hi Ricardo,

I've checked Pentax (Canada) and nothing with a separate price
for the Standard Lens and I know I can't order it separately ....
... leastways, not with a Product Code. If you want, I could contact
Pentax Canada to see if it's possible?



Hi Jack
while You are at it,could You find out if the Q10 will be avail.with or without
the new Lens? I have the 02,would rather get the 06 and Q10 together
or seperate.Thank's.

Best Regards
Ted Hinsch

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