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Re: Sony user considering switching to Pentax

Ark84 wrote:

Hey guys, I'm currently debating switching to Pentax from Sony. Since the A99 was a bit of a let-down and really overpriced here in the UK, I'm looking to switch. I was gonna go with the A77 after seeing the A99 price, but now thinking about sticking with my A55 until I've decided what's best.

Luckily I only have a few lenses invested in Sonys A-Mount. So now I have the choice of either selling the A55 and lenses or keeping them has a backup? Any thoughts?

I know if I sell the Sony stuff then I have more to put towards some DA primes, but I'm in no rush to sell the Sony stuff has I will already have enough to fund a body and a couple of lenses.

I'm currently looking to get a K5IIs since I mostly shoot landscapes and the DA15 prime.

Mirror situation to mine. I will not be selling my current system because it can still save me in a pinch for backup, or be used by the wife ect. You may also like the a55 video options more than what you get with pentax so keeping it around may pay off. The K5II-S is expected to be the best apsc to date, and with so much focus on FF with the other big 3 I doubt this will change. I will be getting the K5II-S body the morning it launches and I will likely pick up a couple used lenses at that time. Over the next few months I will likely buy some high end primes for specific needs, as well as some WS.

There is no other camera I would recommend if you are buying apsc. Knowing there will be the future 24mp K3 released, pentax definitely has a solid upgrade path even if its unreleased yet.

The DA primes really interest me and will be looking to get more after the initial purchase.
If anyone has any ideas were to go after the DA15, that would be great?
I was thinking 15, 70 then 35 and then the rest later?

Pentax has such a selection of primes, and primes have always offered better IQ than equal cost zooms. There's just something fun about using primes, I like the challenge of getting the right composition by moving and being part of the shot. I think it promotes a more creative mindset, then again I don't faun over EVFs and all the digital stuff.

Good luck, buying pentax is a great idea. I could buy a lot of different cameras with my budget and I'm choosing pentax.

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