Sony user considering switching to Pentax

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Re: Sony user considering switching to Pentax

I'm currently looking to get a K5IIs since I mostly shoot landscapes and the DA15 prime.

The DA primes really interest me and will be looking to get more after the initial purchase.
If anyone has any ideas were to go after the DA15, that would be great?
I was thinking 15, 70 then 35 and then the rest later?

I've noticed the DA primes aren't that fast, how do they compare to Sony, Nikon and Canon offerings like the f1.8 primes?

I have all 5 DA Limiteds, but no experience with those other brands so I can't compare. But since you mostly shoot landscapes perhaps you use a tripod, so speed is not an issue. Here are my evaluations:

DA15: Sharp in the center, but somewhat 'soft' in the corners until stopped down to at least f8. I say 'soft' because actually this lens has significant field curvature, so the edges can appear soft although they're actually slightly out of focus. Excellent resistance to flare, which is important IMO because the best photos are often taken in difficult lighting situations. Minimal barrel distortion.

DA21: Same strengths and weaknesses as the DA15, but less severe, so the edges require less stopping down to get sharp. More barrel distortion than the DA15. My favorite focal length, especially for landscapes.

DA35 Macro: I can say nothing bad about this lens, my copy is razor sharp at all apertures and conditions.

DA40: Small, light, great handling. Not quite as good optically as the DA35, but I use it more because it's handier.

DA70: Like the DA35, I can find no fault with this lens. Great for landscapes too, IMO.

Good luck with your decision.

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