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Re: Pro super zoom

BayAreaWZ wrote:

Most people would probably have thought it was impossible to have the 16-50mm lens for Nex be so small yet cover APS-C sensor.

That form factor can be even smaller when the lens is attached and not a mount. The XS-1 has a huge lens because you twist the barrel to zoom, not a power zoom like a tradditional super zooms.

No, the XS-1 has a huge lens because it uses a 2/3" sensor - which is much larger than other superzooms.

Based on what Sony was able to do with the 16-50mm pancake, they can make an APS-C superzoom that is 25-500/600 f/2.8-5.6 or at worst 3.5-6.3.

The pancake design has little to do with a superzoom lens design. Using an APS-C sensor, even at f6.3, the Entrance pupil of the lens would be 60mm across. At 600mm it would be even wider. The lens for this type of camera would be on the magnitude of 1/2 again longer than the existing e-mount 55-210mm lens, and with a larger diameter.

If they base it on the 1" sensor of the RX100, they have a shot at making it a constant aperture lens.

That wouldn't happen either. With a constant aperture 2.8 lens, even with a 1" sensor, the lens would be massive. With a 500mm equivalent focal length, you would be looking at an entrance pupil of 66mm and an overall size just slightly smaller than the e-mount 55-210 lens - but with a larger diameter.

I would be happier with a 1" sensor and constant aperture. I currently own both the RX100 and Panasonic FZ200. The IQ of the FZ200 is great for the sensor size. I imagine the IQ with the excellent RX100 sensor, an RX10 superzoom would be incredible.

There is a reason that a camera like this has not been brought to market. The physics of lens design don't really allow for it.

quezra wrote:

BayAreaWZ wrote:

The Fuji XS-1 is massive. Its clear from what has been achieved with the RX100 and RX1 that Sony could make a large sensor superzoom much, much smaller.

Um, Sony could make a 2/3"-sensor superzoom smaller than the XS-1, but I seriously doubt it could make superzoom with 6x bigger sensor smaller than the XS-1. Well not for at least another decade

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