A99 won't take my money

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Re: A99 won't take my money

seilerbird666 wrote:

Jesper you are wasting your time. Clearly this clown has an agenda and refuses to listen to any reasoning. The camera has not even been out for two days, the guy has never used one, there are no legitimate reviews available for the camera and he already thinks he is an expert. What a joke. Save your energy for more productive encounters.

You're right, of course. I'd hate to see someone come here and look for honest, thought out opinions on the A99 and stumble on this trainwreck of an OP and think it's got any merit what so ever. That's why I pick it apart - and the OP decides to ignore any points made and pull a martyr act, which is par for the course. At least there will be some balance to the baseless negativity.


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