RX1 Mirrorless: At what price point would you buy?

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Re: RX1 Mirrorless: At what price point would you buy?

alexzn wrote:

Didn't you just describe a full-frame Fuji X100???

Yes, maybe. But there are certain things i don't like with the X100 (ergonomics, 'feel')

Looks like the street price of the RX1 will be in the range of $2,500 or so after everything stabilizes. This is a relative bargain for a fast razor-sharp FF Zeiss lesn equipped camera that is briefcase pocketable. Could be a real classic (as DPR said).

One of the problems withl cameras with fixed lenses is: the lens (in this case the beautiful Zeiss) will last for 50 years, the camera itself is junk in min. 10 years. On the other hand, the concept leads into exeptional quality (lens an sensor could be optimized on each other, and its easy, to incorporate an near noiseless shutter.)

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