Which Pentax DSLR models have active video output via HDMI while recording?

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Francis I think you have been getting a bit carried away..

Francis, let's get back to your original post.

Francis Carver wrote:

I am looking at getting a brand new, latest model camera for video recordings with which I can use an external EVF and/or external LCD monitor for framing/focusing while recording video. besides the mini HDMI... Would anybody know which Pentax DSLR model will let me do this?...

Is your budget $100,000 or under $2000?

If the former go out a get a Alexa or F65.

If the latter, and shooting video is important to you, then at this moment, I'd recommend either a GH2 or maybe the GH3 when it is released.

Frankly Pentax has nothing at present that touches it.

Yes there are cameras that shoot better video for a lot more $$$.

But there isn't anything currently that shoots video better for less $$$ considering a GH2 can be purchased for around $700. Will that change? Of course it will.

So you can either hypothesise about specs or bite the bullet and get out there shooting.

There's always something better just around the corner but if you wait you will be waiting for ever.

So if you'd rather wait for 4k then you may as well just skip that as 8k is coming... hang on what about 16k...?

In the meantime I'm going out to shoot some dreadful 1080 video on my crappy GH2 with fitted with a terrible Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.95 prime.

I suggest you check out some of the GH2 clips posted on Vimeo.

Have fun reading your spec sheets.

Francis Carver wrote:

pundit wrote:

the GH2 did score higher across the board (about 30%) than other cameras in the subjective judging. Interestingly the Canon 7D was consistently near the bottom.

Okay, so for the cameras priced at US$1,700 and below, the Panny GH2 had beaten the Canon 7D, right?

No surprises there, really. Heck, even a Nikon or a Sony beats a Canon for video these days.

Of course the test was 'dumbed down' to 1080 to level the playing field and the Fujinon cinema glass and lighting also leveled the playing field.

Most folks do not purchase a 4K camera to "dumb it down" to HD, just like you would probably not purchase a digital camera yourself that is advertised to shoot video in Full-HD -- and then dumb it down and record only 640 x 480 SD video with it, correct?

the GH2 is 8 bit 4.2.0. and has at best maybe 9 stops of DR.

That really sucks. I never thought it was as bad as that. Upcoming GH3 can't help it but be somewhat better than that, right?

If the GH3 provides an extra stop or two of DR and uncompressed HDMI out then that may be a low budget killer as long as it is around half the cost of the Black Magic cam.

Blackmagic camera costs about US$1,700 for the camera itself -- since Blackmagic is insisting of giving you 2 software programs valued at $1,300 if you were to purchase it from them separately.

I would say GH3 will be listed at US$1,400, but frankly, it could be anywhere from $1,100 to $1,500. Do we have the date of its release/official announcement yet?

However if the GH3 comes in at around $2k then for another $1000 the BM with 13 stops of DR and 12bit RAW may just be too compelling.

I don't need RAW video for anything, and the only other codec the BCC can do is Apple's ProRes which is really not used much ehre in the Windows/Linux world.

Biggest problem with BCC is that it uses a cell-phone type and size battery that is not removable, and when the battery reaches the end of its life, even Blackmagic will refuse to replace it. Just ask them.

Now. how many folks you w=know who would purchase a so-called "professional" digital film camera -- that is so professional, that it does not even take exchangeable batteries?

Also, touchscreen LCD, no EVF, no hand grip, no XLR audio input, and so forth.

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