Advantages of New NEX E MOUNT Lenses???

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Re: A hopefully concise guide (that adds *something*)

Using 35mm camera focal lengths here, with your NEX (near) equivalents in parentheses:

28mm (18.16mm) Very wide angle. Also good for landscapes and street photography.

35mm (23.4mm) Moderate wide angle. Very popular for street photography, widest focal length with which one could attempt a portrait, but that would be a portrait that includes a sense of place. Don't get too close to your subject with this one.

50mm (33.4mm) "Normal" lens. There is nothing really normal about it. It was the standard lens size for ages because it was possible to make a good/cheap/fast lens at near this length. It is versatile. It is the widest length you could expect to do close up portraiture with. Fast "nifty fifty" (say, f1.4) lenses can provide a lot of the background dissolving effect.

75-90mm (50-60mm) Portrait lens. There are two things great about this size for portraits. One is you can take them without getting into the subject's face. Because your distance is greater to fill the subject with the frame, the perspective is flatter. (The perspective is a function of your distance from the subject, not the focal length per se, it just works out that to shoot an equivalently scaled subject with a wider lens you will have to stand closer, and that is what exaggerates perspective.) The second great thing is for those who want to eliminate distracting backgrounds. Longer focal lengths really help here (together with proximity to subject and wider apertures).

Wont cover the longer lengths, but you get the idea.

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